Our school’s priority is to close the learning gaps that have widened or developed as a direct result of partial school closures during the national lockdowns. The focus will be on disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils, including those we would now identify as ‘newly vulnerable’. ‘Newly vulnerable’ are those pupils that will require additional support in order to make accelerated progress to close the gaps in their learning in Reading (including phonics), Speech and Language, Writing and Maths. The groups of identified pupils and subject focus will be reviewed half termly.

Our aims are to:
▪ Reduce the attainment gap between our disadvantaged pupils and their peers.
▪ Raise the attainment of all pupils to close the gap created by COVID-19 school closures.
▪ Ensure the identified newly vulnerable group of pupils catch-up and are working at their expected levels.
▪ Deliver social and emotional support to enable pupils to access the additional support being provided.

COVID Recovery Data