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Please note – an archive of the parent’s forum minutes is featured at the end of this page.

The Stock Church of England Primary School Parents Forum is a group of parent representatives who meet once every half term to discuss school-related issues.  The Parents Forum provides a valuable way for your ideas and concerns to be shared and to seek your views, helping to ensure the needs of the children and their families are met.

Parents Forum Terms of Reference Members of the Parent Forum adhere to the following terms of reference.

Dates of meetings this year:

Autumn Term:         7th October 2015 & 25th November 2015

Spring Term:            27th January 2016 & 16th March 2016

Summer Term:        4th May 2016 & 29th June 2016


Parent Forum Representatives:
If you would like a parent representative to raise an issue or make a suggestion on your behalf at a Parent Forum meeting, please ask them to do so or email them with your suggestion.

Reception & Year 3 Celia Foss
Reception & Year 1 Jayne Darbyshire
Year 2 & 5 Hazel Longbourne
Year 3 Mandy Lovewell
Year 4 Sue Barker and Natalee Prowse
Year 6 Maria Hatch and Gillian Swain

Minutes From Parent’s Forum



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