Guides, advice and activities to help with wellbeing, for both you and your child

Some great advice on the little things you can do to help make lockdown at this time of year, just that little bit more bearable.

Here are some top tips for how to create a healthy learning environment at home.

This book gives children tips on how to take care of themselves and have good days. Do read through first so that you know what is covered.

Here are some great activities you an do with your child to explore their own wellbeing and help further uderstand their feelings, and discover calming and coping strategies.

Sometimes it’s good to stop, sit and colour. Let your mind have a rest from the every day juggle of decisions and responsibility.

Sometimes, it’s good to do something creative or play a game that will distract your mind from worries.

Sometimes, it’s good to sit down and focus on helping your child understand what they are feeling and why.

Please find below some suggested activities which can help develop a healthy mind set and maintain your child’s wellbeing.