Stock Church of England Primary School is a village school with a hard working staff and a caring atmosphere. We aim to provide an industrious but stimulating environment where all children can take pride in their achievements and value the achievements of others. The school values its Christian ethos, its family atmosphere, the strong community links and the support it receives from the Parish Church.

In June 2017 the school also had a church inspection by the Diocese of Chelmsford and the school achieved an ‘outstanding’ rating. In February 2017 the school underwent a very positive OFSTED inspection where the school achieved a rating of ‘good’ in all areas. The inspection was completed under the new framework, published in January 2012, and was conducted over two days.

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Key Facts

  • Head teacher: Mrs A Clay
  • Chair of governors: Mr S Browne
  • Type of school: C of E Voluntary Controlled
  • Current number of pupils: 207
  • Maximum number of pupils per class: 30

Gospel Values

The school has seven gospel values:

  • Koinonia: friendship, community, fellowship, equality, teamwork
  • Compassion: love, caring, kindness, charity, empathy, thoughtfulness
  • Forgiveness: understanding, selflessness, acceptance, tolerance
  • Justice: consideration, fairness, honesty, truth, respect
  • Trust: integrity, independence, maturity, reliablility, sincerity
  • Endurance: determination, courage, dedication, perseverance, bravery
  • Thankfulness: gratitude, appreciation, generosity, modesty

These Gospel Values underpin the ethos of the school and the expectations of behaviour for the whole school community. The values are displayed around the school and referred to in all aspects of school life, including acts of worship.

Each year group has a gospel value and for that year they focus on their gospel value, sharing their understanding of their gospel value with the school through collective worship and displays.