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We have a talented and committed governing body, made up of parents, members of our community and representatives of the local education authority:

The governing body meets twice every term to discuss matters concerning the running of the school. Each member of the governing body also serves on at least one of the sub-committees – Curriculum, Finance, Premises, Pay and Personnel – which meet more frequently.

During the year they produce an annual report for parents, which is available from the school office.



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  • Mr S Thomson   Chair (P)
  • Mr M Phillips   Vice (P)
  • Mrs J Sabine   (F)
  • Mr B Swanston   (A)
  • Paul McGuire   (P)
  • Amanda Piggott   (P)
  • Steven Whyman    (S)
  • Mr P Bentley   (C)
  • Mr P Stas   (F)
  • Mrs J Goodwin   (A)
  • Mr S Browne   (A)
  • Dr J Coffin   (C)
  • Miss P Collier   (L)
  • Mr P Carter   (L)
  • Mrs A Price   (S)
  • Mrs A Tully   (S)
  • Father Stephen  (F) 
  • Mrs K Pyman   Clerk to the Governors

P – Parent Governor
L – Local Authority
A – Associate Governor
S – Staff Governor
C – Community
F – Foundation



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